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It is best practice to only call the module command on login nodes before launching jobs.  Environments variables are set via the module command and can be inherited by your job via a batch script so the environment variables will be visible on the compute nodes. For assistance with module, type man module.

To allow SLURM to inherit environment variables you will need to use the following respective statements within your batch scripts. Please see SLURM documentation for more clarification.

#SBATCH --export=ALL


Each user can customize their environment using the module command. This command lets you select software and will source the appropriate paths and libraries. All the requested user applications are located under the /opt/apps directory.

The examples here are taken from the NOTS cluster, but we use the module package on all our clusters in the same manner.

To list what applications are available, use the avail sub command:

To see a description of each package, use the whatis sub command:

To load the module for the IBM compilers, for example, use the load sub command:

To see a list of modules that you have loaded, use this command:

To unload all of your modules, use this command: