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SPICE (Shared Pool of Integrated Computing Environments) was, in essence, a linux virtual machine farm, NFS Storage, and RSYNC Storage that was intended to be an efficient, manageable, and cost-effective replacement for standalone servers and moderate computational workloads.

SPICE offerings were comprised of:

  • NFS Storage (live storage) e.g. home directories
  • RSYNC Storage (Mirror space for disaster recovery)
  • Virtual Machines (one, two, or four core configurations)

Note: Virtual machines were not meant to be heavy computational workhorses. Typical usage were login environments, web servers, or application servers. For heavy computation, consider our shared computing clusters, or a condo on one of the clusters.

We offered the following Virtual Machine support levels:

  1. Full admin: An IT Systems Administrator takes full responsibility for systems administration of the VM.
  2. Customer admin: IT assumes no responsibility for stability of the operating system. We answered questions in a best effort mode, but the most we could commit to is to wipe and reload a broken machine with a fresh install if something goes wrong.


SPICE is retired. Current constituents have been contacted and coordinated with.