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The Center for Research Computing (CRC) manages shared computational and data resources for a wide range of research projects affiliated with Rice University and the Texas Medical Center.

The CRC administers and maintains infrastructure in four core service areas: Shared Computing Clusters, the Research Data Facility, the High-Speed Data Transfer infrastructure, High-Performance Visualization, and Virtual Machines. While these services often fit together, each provides unique capabilities designed to accommodate specific research tasks.

This page gives an overview of these services, with links to more detailed information on each of them. If you have any questions or find that the services below do not meet your research computing needs, contact our CRC facilitators via ticket.

High-performance computing

High-powered computing resources for big datasets.

Research Data Facility (RDF)

When your project won’t fit on, or shouldn’t be on, an external hard disk.


Help with Visualization of data.

Virtual Machines

Help when your project needs virtual machines.

  • Commercial options currently available through Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Computing. The CRC can help you to get a quote and even to get started. Google currently offers $300 in credits to new users.
  • Owl Research Infrastructure Open Nebula (ORION) VM Pool on Rice Campus. Getting started
  • Decommissioned Resources
    • Shared Pool of Integrated Computing Environments (SPICE) Decommissioned: March 27th, 2018


External Unsupported Pointers

  • Git Resources
  • We offer no system administration for your local resources (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc...) Desktops, Laptops, Clusters, etc... (we can consult with you if it is research related)