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Advancing High Performance Computing Research Through International Cooperation  

Welcome to the Universidade de São Paulo-Rice University Blue Gene Collaboration

In 2012, Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and Rice University joined efforts to address some of the hardest scientific questions through the use of High Performance Computing. To initiate this collaboration, our universities co-invested in a 24,576 core Blue Gene/P supercomputer (right-up picture). At the time, it was in the top500 list, making it one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. After three years, the collaboration has upgraded to a 1-rack BG/Q (right-down picture), which has 1024 nodes with 16 cores/node, in total of 16384 cores, reached peak performance of 209 TFlop/s ( the previous BGP has peak performance as 84 TFlop/s). With ~2.5 times the computing power of the BG/P, this collaboration is helping USP and Rice build scientific and computational collaborations that will bring both universities to the forefront of research computing. Participants in this collaboration come from all areas of scientific training and currently include researchers in biophysics, materials science, atmospheric science, renewable energy, hard and soft condensed matter, bioinformatics, statistics, quantum chemistry, and more. The collaboration continues to grow, and we are optimistic that this momentum will continue to build. To facilitate the inclusion of both the USP and Rice communities, we provide information on what resources, opportunities and support are available, and how to gain access.

We would once again like to welcome you to our scientific community!


Please note BG/Q will be retired December 31, 2018. Please make preparations. Please contact us if you need help.

bgq-image bgq-image