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Sent to all Rice faculty at 2:20 pm on 2/1/2012.
Rice Faculty,

Previously, IT's educational technology staff members collaborated with Rice instructors on proposal writing that led to several teaching grants from the Brown Foundation. If you are considering a project involving "significant innovation" in the form of educational technologies and would like assistance writing your proposal, email Carlos Solis at

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Subject: IT ALLDEPTS Call for 2012-13 Brown Teaching Grant Applications
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 10:13:15 -0600
From: Rice University Provost <>
To: Faculty <>, All Depts <>

To: All Faculty

From: Geoffrey Winningham, Chair, Committee on Teaching

Subject: 2012-13 Brown Teaching Grants

The Committee on Teaching administers a grant from the Brown Foundation for the purpose of fostering excellence in undergraduate teaching at Rice. The Committee is charged with supporting any appropriate means to this end, including “seminars and other programs aimed to improve the quality of teaching, and . . . studies and experimental tests of new instructional methods or programs.” The Committee invites faculty members to submit proposals for projects to be funded by this grant. Funding for grants in previous years has ranged from a few hundred dollars to awards of $5,000.

In the past, grants have been given for purchase of equipment and materials, for honoraria for outside speakers and consultants, for necessary expenses as purchases of computer time, for wages of individuals who assist in the projects, and for any reasonable cost associated with developing and teaching an undergraduate course except one involving supplement to the instructor’s salary. These grants are intended for the enhancement of undergraduate instruction, rather than for faculty research or graduate instruction. Projects involving significant innovation are strongly encouraged.

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