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All official IT messages with the exception of IT-Alerts can be found here.  If you received a message regarding your email account, quota, or password and a similar message is not found in this list, yours is a hoax.  Don't fall for phishing; no one at Rice will ask you for your password or account information by email.

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IT Initiatives to Combat Phishing
  • June 2006, the high number of Rice community members who were giving up their passwords led to a deluge of "don't give up your password" reminders from IT.  Results: the number of compromised accounts dropped significantly; almost 9 months passed before a Rice community member gave up their password.
  • July 2010, Catch of the Day ( was implemented to help readers identify common phishing messages.  This helped reduce the number of compromised accounts somewhat, but Rice community members still continue to give up their passwords.
  • November 2011, Catch of the Day was replaced by IT Announcements, a channel that lists all the messages IT sends to customers.  Customers can now check hoaxes against legitimate messages distributed by IT.
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