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What does my NetID do for me?

The Rice NetID is a unique login credential for each Rice student, faculty, or staff member. Your NetID is established within 24 hours of your undergraduate student status (early May after all deposits are received), your grad student department acceptance, or your acceptance of employment. These actions all change your status in the Rice database, which triggers the creation of your NetID. In turn, your NetID creation activates your Rice email account and your personal storage account at Rice. Your NetID is used to access your personal accounts on multiple Rice University systems as well as log in to campus computers.

  • For more information on how to setup your NetID, visit Activate Your NetID.
  • Your Rice NetID is your default account username and password campus computers, your personal storage space, and IT systems and services like OWL-Space and VPN.
    • Accounts linked to NetID, including Google Apps for Education.
      • Undergraduate Email - Undergraduate students manage their email through Rice Gmail. Use your NetID and a Rice Google password that is different from your NetID password.
      • Email for everyone else - Faculty, staff and graduate student handle sensitive and confidential Rice data and their email is managed in-house.  Use your NetID and NetID password.
      • Rice Google Calendar and Google Drive - regardless of where your email is managed, all Rice faculty, staff and students have 30GB of storage in Rice Google Apps for Education.  This data, including Rice Google Calendar, is stored outside of Rice. Use your NetID and a Rice Google Password that is different from the NetID password.
    • Accounts not linked to your NetID are managed by Administrative Systems or other Rice departments. Examples of non-NetID accounts inlcue ESTHER, Course Catalog, Banner, Edgar Webapps and Hyperion.