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If you want to keep "" in your email address after you graduate:

  1. Sign up for your personal alumni account with the Association of Rice Alumni at  (If you already have an alumni account, please proceed to the next step.)
  2. Log into your alumni account at
  3. To access the sign-up form, go to the “Connect” menu at the top of the homepage and click on “Online Services.” Click on “Email Forwarding.”  Here’s a direct link to the form:
  4. Complete the simple form (only two steps) and press submit.


Student Rice NetID accounts are set to expire several months after graduation. After the accounts expire, no forwarding occurs; mail sent to an expired address is returned to the sender. Setting up and using a Rice Alumni email address prior to graduation will help prevent missed messages after graduation. 


JGS Exchange Users

 The Jones Graduate School of Business provides an Exchange server for JGS email; please contact the JGS Help Desk for assistance saving your Rice email. 



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