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Student Rice NetID accounts expire several months after graduation. After the accounts expire, no forwarding occurs; mail sent to an expired address is returned to the sender. Setting up and using a Rice Alumni email address (ForeveRice accounts) prior to graduation will help prevent missed messages after graduation. Any Rice student can set up an Alumni account after their first year of classes. See ‘Email forwarding using ForeveRice gmail account’ to centralize your Rice NetID email and ForeveRice alumni email accounts.  If you need to save some of your old Rice files, see the page used by staff members departing Rice:

NOTE: The Jones Graduate School of Management provides email through an Exchange server; please contact the JGSM Help Desk for assistance saving your Rice email. Employees do not qualify for alumni ForeveRice accounts; see right-hand column for details on inactive employee accounts.

ForeveRice lifetime email address setup

This service provides a consistent and professional email address. Whether you are between jobs, changing locations, changing your name, or changing your email provider and address frequently for a variety of reasons, a permanent email address will prove useful. You must be registered in the Rice Alumni database to set up a ForeveRice email account. These instructions walk you through both the alumni database registration and setting up a ForeveRice email account.

If you don't already have an alumni account:

  1. Go to, and click "Register Now >" or "New User?" in the Log In dialogue box. You must be registered in this system before your application for a ForeveRice email account is accepted.

  2. Fill in your first and last name, as well as your date of birth and your residential college. Then click "REQUEST ACCESS".

  3. Read and accept the Policy Agreement.

  4. Create your username and password.

  5. Continue below to create your alumni email account.

If you already have an alumni account:

  1. Go to and click "CLAIM YOURS NOW"

  2. Log-in with your alumni account. If you've forgotten your username or password, email to request a reset.

  3. Fill in the registration form with your desired username and password. If you make an error typing in your username, you can email for a reset.

  4. Accept the Google terms of service.

  5. Now you can use your address like any other Gmail account, with access to Google apps including the Calendar, Drive, and Groups.

Email forwarding using ForeveRice gmail account

You can set up your ForeveRice alumni account a year or more before you graduate. To merge your undergraduate Rice Gmail with your ForeveRice alumni Gmail, follow the centralizing Gmail accounts instructions using mail fletcher at the following links: 

If you encounter problems or have questions, email

NOTE: your Rice NetID email account expires and are terminated approximately six months after your May graduation. No forwarding occurs after accounts are terminated.

Email & Inactive accounts - former employees

Official retirees and emeritus professors - as designated by HR - are exempt from the account deletion process described here:

Account Deletions: When employees leave Rice, their HR status becomes "inactive." Access to email is deactivated immediately at the close of the last day of employment (termination date). Exceptions are managed by the hiring department; in rare cases, a short extension of a few weeks past the termination date may be requested on the termination form. VPN accounts are also immediately disabled for inactive employees. No email forwarding service is available for former employees. 

Email & Inactive accounts - Alumni and former students

When students graduate or leave Rice, their status becomes "inactive." At this time, email will still be available but access is no longer permitted to the Apply system (for password changes). Additionally VPN accounts are disabled. The Rice email accounts used by inactive students will continue to be active until August. A warning email will be sent out to those accounts about to be deleted so that the account "owners" can save any email (see below) that they will need in the future.

Note: The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business deletes their student's email accounts on a different schedule.  Please contact them for those dates.

All email sent to a terminated address is returned to the sender. To avoid missed messages from prospective employers or grad schools, IT strongly recommends that you set up a new email account and include it on applications, resumes, and CVs during your last year at Rice. The only way to retain a "Rice" reference in your email address after graduation is to create a account (see Alumni account instructions on this page).


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