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External collaborators can use a variety of tools when working with Rice faculty members, researchers, and student projects guided by a faculty adviser. These guest accounts are actually guest NetIDs which can be associated with various collaboration tools (OWL-Space, wikis, blogs, Subversion Projects, etc.) but the accounts do not have access to a personal email or storage space.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts can only be sponsored by Rice faculty members and are viable for a limited time. When the expiration date of the guest account approaches, the Rice faculty sponsor is automatically emailed a reminder that the guest's access will be terminated in the next month. The faculty member can re-authorize the guest for an additional amount of time, but all guest accounts include time sensitive expiration dates as a security precaution. If a sponsoring faculty member leaves Rice, their guests' accounts are terminated.

Faculty members can initiate the guest process for non-Rice collaborators through the Guest Account request page:

Request your guest account

Go to and select Apply for a new account.

The person requesting a guest account should be in contact with their faculty sponsor before completing the request for a guest account. If your sponsor has agreed, complete the application, accept the Appropriate Use of Rice Computing Resources Policy, and enter the code of random letters showing at the bottom of the form.

An email will be sent to your sponsor immediately for approval. 

Sponsors, if you have been in contact with your non-Rice colleague about this guest account, please accept. If not, deny the request because it is a hacker attempting to gain access to Rice resources.


Guest Account Expiration and renewal

Sponsors will receive automated email regarding guest status 30 days prior to the expiration date of the guest's credential status. The Sponsor can extend the expiration date for their guest.

Sponsors have the ability to make basic changes such as changing contact information, email, or phone number for the guest.

Once a guest account has reached its expiration date, it is marked inactive and the guest can no longer login. The sponsor can still see the guest account when the sponsor logs in at

The sponsor can select an expired guest account, set a new expiration date (<= 1 year) and click RENEW. The guest's expiration date will be updated in the system and they will become active again. However, it takes up to 24 Hours to become active again.

Resetting Guest account passwords

Only IT APPLY administrators, or the Guest themself, can reset guest accounts passwords; not their SPONSORS.

  • IT STAFF: To get a RESET password token for a guest account:
  1. Login to apply as an administrator, Query the guest account, Create a reset token for the user.
  2. When emailing the reset token to the guest, ONLY send email to the email address listed on the
    guest's record in apply.
  • GUEST: To get a RESET password token:

Guests may also get their own RESET password token by visiting: Guest Reset .

They enter their NetID, and a reset password token will be sent via email to the address given when they applied for their guest account. The token is only valid for 24 hours.

Using a Password RESET Token for a Guest account

  • Guest will use the token provided via email to reset the password in APPLY as follows:
  1. Guest visits Apply ( do NOT attempt to login)
  2. under "Account Maintenance" select ==>> "use Password reset token"
  3. enter the netID for the guest account and the "reset token" received via email
  4. Guest should be prompted to change their netID password immediately.
  5. They should choose to SYNC the new password to all their guest accounts.
  6. New password will be active in <= 5 minutes.
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