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How to protect your Rice-owned computer

Information technology provides a campus-wide license for TrendMicro's OfficeScan antivirus software. Please call the Help Desk to help you install it on your Rice-owned computer if it is not already there.  This software can be scheduled to update itself with the latest information about new viruses and malware, so your machine remains protected.

How to protect your personally-owned computer

Option 1: Choosing to use a free product

Here is a list of choices and reviews of each product by reputable IT industry publications.

Most popular among Student Computer Consultants

Microsoft Security Essentials

How to install MSE

See review at PCWorld


How to install AVAST
See review at PCWorld


How to install AVIRA
See review at PCWorld


Virus Bulletin in depth report.pdf

Please see also other collective reviews of free antivirus software at PCWorld or SpywareNews

Option 2: Purchase your own license of an antivirus software

Please see a review of various products at

Software Shopping

A personal note from Gary Kidney, Director of Academic and Research Computing:

Before you go shopping for antivirus software, you may want to investigate other relationships that provide commercial antivirus software free or at a discount. In doing so, I discovered that I qualified for:

  • free software by virtue of online banking with the bank where my Rice paycheck is direct deposited,
  • discounted software from the financial institution where I invest my Rice Retirement plan,
  • free software that came along with a recent computer purchase,
  • free software from a previous purchase of a credit monitoring service from a credit card company,
  • free software from my home owner's insurance (which includes an identify theft rider),
  • discounted software from my automobile club, and
  • discounted software from my alumni association.

Chances are you'll find a relationship that will save you some money, too.

Please see an example of how to install free anti-virus software (in this case, Microsoft Security Essentials).