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Office: Voicemail

First Time to Log On Voicemail

First-time password

 The first time you log on, you must change your password from the default password (78 plus your four-digit extension number) before you can listen to your messages. For quick reference simply remember RU + extension.

From Your Telephone:

Press your extension key (get Dial Tone)

Press: Message key plus # (pound key)

Dial: Default password (78 plus your extension number) plus #

Dial: New five- digit minimum password plus #

Dial: New password again plus # to confirm

Logging On Voicemail

From your telephone:

Press your extension key (get Dial Tone)

Press: Message key plus #

Dial: Password plus #

From another telephone:

Dial: 713 348 2000

Dial: Your mailbox (extension) number plus #

Dial: Password plus #

Changing Your Password

Log On

Dial: 84

Dial: Old password plus #

Dial: New five-digit minimum password plus #

Dial: New password again plus # to confirm

Recording Your Greeting

Log On

Dial: 82

Dial: 1 for external greeting

Dial: 2 for internal greeting

Dial: 3 for temporary greeting

Dial: 5 to begin recording (after the tone)

Dial: # to end recording

Dial: 76 to delete recording

Dial: 4 to exit and return to your messages

Recording Your Name Verification

Log On

Dial: 829 to record name (Name verification announces
your name to internal voice mail users once you leave them a message.
Also heard when composing, or forwarding messages)

Message Commands

Dial: 71 reply

Dial: 72 replay the "envelope"

Dial: 73 forward a message

Dial: 74 reply to all

Dial: 75 compose a new message

Dial: 76 delete or restore a message

Dial: 79 send a message

Dial: 70 tag a message (message options)

Dial: 7* access help menu

Dial: 7# return to messages

Mailbox Commands

Dial: 81 log on

Dial: 82 change personal greeting

Dial: 83 for goodbye

Dial: 84 change password

Dial: 85 create distribution list

Dial: 86 go to a message by number

Dial: 829 record name (name verification)

Dial: 80 program mailbox attendant (use this feature to enter a telephone number that can be reached by touching "0" after a caller reaches your voice mail)

Dial: 8* access mailbox help menu

Dial: 8# return to messages

Basic Features

Dial: 1 skip backward 5 seconds

Dial: 2 play

Dial: 3 skip forward 5 seconds

Dial: 4 scroll to previous message

Dial: 5 record

Dial: 6 scroll to next message

Dial: 9 call the sender of the message

Dial: * access help menu

Dial: 0 transfer to your mailbox attendant

Dial: # cancel or exit or enter

Express Messaging

Dial: 3977 or 713-348-3977

Dial: Mailbox (extension) number you wish to reach

Record your message at the tone, then hang up

Voice Mail Numbers

Mailbox Number: Your four-digit extension number

Default Password: 78 plus your four-digit extension number

Access Messages

On Campus: Dial 2000

Off Campus: Dial 713-348-2000

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