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Posting Headlines:

All IT directors and a few IT managers have permission to add a news announcement to IT Headlines in   When you add an announcement in this space, the title of the news is sent to the IT and VPIT home web pages.  It is not emailed to anyone.  To add a news announcement, look up in the top right corner for the "Add News" link.   The Add News link is not visible to anyone who does not have permission to use this feature in IT Headlines. Select "Add News" and type in your title and message; spell check and Save.  No labels are required in this space.

Only the title will be published as a headline.  The title will automatically include a link back to the news announcement that triggered the title in the IT and VPIT web sites.  IT Headlines in the wiki are readable by the public.  Because the IT Headlines are not disbursed to any mailing list, you can add as many details to these news announcements as you want.


Include the word Alert in the headline.   Headline will read ALERT - IT three word title or ALERT - IT three word title. Examples:

  • ALERT - IT Network Problems
  • ALERT - IT Classroom & Lab Issues
  • ALERT -  IT Printers Offline
  • ALERT - IT OWL-Space Slow Down

Also, Public Affairs will post these ALERT announcements on the home page.  Send the headline title to Sean Rieger: and in case Sean is not available.

Removing Headlines:

The announcements we post in IT Headlines stay up 48 hours on the IT and VPIT web sites, then disappear from the web pages.  The announcements remain archived in the IT-only portion of, but they aren't visible on any public sites after the 48 hours expires.

If you need to take them down (before the 48 hour window closes), delete the news item in  We won't have an archive of that news announcement, but that is less important than getting old news off the VPIT and IT pages.

To remove a news item, look in the top right corner of this page.  Select "Browse Space" to view all the news items which have been posted in the IT Headlines space.  Select the news item you want to delete.  When that news item is open, click the edit tab.  Select "Remove Page" which in in the top right corner of the editing space and has a trash can icon.  Complete the deletion by answering Yes or OK to the subsequent questions. 

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