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Q. Can I configure zabbix so that I do  or do not get multiple notifications each time a poll event occurs?

A.  Yes, This is configuration is found in the Configuration/Actions section documentation and is defined under Enable Escalations.

Q. I would like to monitor hardware characteristics such as temperature, fans, power etc..  What do I need to do to set this up in Zabbix?

A. Zabbix supports IPMI which is supported by most computer server vendors like HP, Sun and Dell.  You will need to set up IPMI management in the server's BIOS generally on the Lights Out Management card and then test it with impitools.  IPMI configuration in Zabbix is found under Configuration / Hosts and you will need the IP address of the LOM on your server and authentication/authoriztion information that you set up on your server.

Q. Can I access the ZABBIX ebook "Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring" ?

A. YES, find the ebook "Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring" by Rihards Olups at
\\\IT\Systems, Architecture, & Infrastructure\zabbix

The ebook is

  1. viewable by all with Adobe
  2. printable
  3. Licensed to Barry. He bought the hardcopy and the ebook as a package.

Q. How can I manage my SSL Certificate expiration dates in Zabbix and have it notify me before it expires?

A. Create a new host entry in Zabbix with the hostname the same as your web site URL or service.  Request read-only access to 'Default Templates' hostgroup. Inside of that hostgroup, you can clone one of the existing "SSL Certificate Check" templates. Be sure to modify the name and place it to your appropriate hostgroup.  This will pick up the 2 triggers that are set for 14 days prior as a warning and 1 day prior as a high priority.  Next is to add an action to notify you of the trigger.  If you still need assistance, please open an RT ticket with SAI for assistance.

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