Blog from August, 2010

The wireless controller assigned as primary for Hanszen College, South Plant, Central Plant, Fondren Library, Facilites, RMC, IBC and Baker Hall has rebooted. Networking is aware and investigating the issue. Please contact the IT:Service Desk (xHELP/x4357) with any questions.

Defective hardware has been replaced and now we will monitor closely for the next week.

IT has temporarily removed the large-scale plotters from Fondren Library computer printing options.

In the first three days of the semester, students have accidentally sent a number of jobs to the plotters (jobs are priced per foot of printed material) instead of to the standard-size paper printers.

At this time, no plotters will be accessible from Library computers. Come to the Mudd lab computers if you intend to print jobs on the plotters.

Updates will be posted on the IT web site:

mems will be offline beginning at 3:30 today for hardware replacement. There's no estimate for how long the downtime will be.

An update will be sent once the server is back online.

Power went off and then came back on at Rice Children's Campus, IBC bldg. and Greenbriar, causing the network gear to reload. All gear is back up and working normally at this time. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The Rice email system is once again functional regarding webmail and non-webmail login inconsistencies. We will continue to research the issue and updates will be posted to the IT web site. will be offline tomorrow during part of the business day for hardware replacement. This is a continuation of the ongoing hardware problems that mems has experienced.

IT has received reports that some customers cannot login to webmail. We are researching this issue along with the previously reported non-webmail login problems. Updates will be posted to the IT web site.

Email disconnects

IT has received reports of SMTP (login) issues for Rice email customers using tools like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Webmail is not affected. We are investigating the problem and updates will be posted to the IT web site:

Wireless controller reset

The wireless controller that both Baker and Will Rice Colleges use for their access points was rebooted this morning at 5:45 AM. All APs appear to be back up, and I confirmed users are connecting. If you continue to experience issues with wireless in these areas, please contact Danny Eaton (, x5233) or the IT:Service Desk (x4357 / xHELP).

We have managed to bring the MEMS server back online but we have not identified the root cause as of yet. We are working with Dell to address the issue.

We are on the phone with the manufacturer to get hardware repaired. No ETA as of yet.

The network device for Rayzor Hall 3rd floor is down. Technical Services is en route to investigat and remedy the issue. An update will be sent upon completion. If you have any questions, please contact Danny Eaton (x5233,

The maintenance on home directories for NetIDs beginning with the letter "J" has been completed.

An email delivery issue to local accounts has been resolved.

Email Problem Resolved

The intermittent problem sending email has been resolved. The cause was traced to one of the mail servers which was experiencing a database problem.

Email Problem

A problem with sending email has been identified when using non-webmail clients. IT is aware of the problem and is working on the issue. An update will be sent out when we have a resolution.

The upgrades to the Campus Mail System have been completed. Please report any problems to the Helpdesk (xHELP).

CORRECTION: The maintenance was completed on home directories for customers with NetID beginning with the letter "F"

The work on the storage system for home directories of customers with NetIds beginning with the letter F has been completed and the file system is back online

An upgrade to the front end servers for the campus email system will be installed early on Thursday morning, August 12.

Between 6:00 and 6:30 AM, anyone connected to the Rice email system may experience a brief and one-time disconnect in their service. Simply log in again.

Updates will be posted to the IT web page:

The annual OWL-Space upgrade has been completed and the system returned to service at approximately 7:15 AM Wednesday morning, August 11, 2010.

Clean Access Renewal coming Aug 11!

At the beginning of every academic year, each student with a non-Rice computer is prompted to verify their identity and their use of Clean Access the first time they access the Rice network on a personally-owned computer.

For fall 2010, this process will begin on August 11.

New students will receive CDs containing files and network connection instructions when they arrive at Rice. Extra copies of the CDs will be available at the Help Desk.

IT Help Desk staff are available to assist you 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday, through Friday: 713.348.HELP(4357),, or

Owl-Space will unavailable from 5:00 AM until 11:00 AM on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.

During this maintenance period, all the updates required for the new academic year will be installed.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

The faulty hardware in the mems server has been replaced and the server is back online.

As always, please report any trouble to the IT Help Desk by calling x4357 or browsing to

Mems server experienced a hardware failure that is preventing the server from coming back online. Vendor will be onsite on Monday to replace faulty hardware.

Phish Cubed

The most recent and aggressive identity theft attack came through a phishing campaign that circumvented the phish-blocking pilot program and distributed the same message three times in as many hours on Tuesday afternoon, August 3, 2010.

Details can be found in the Catch of the Day blog:

Additional updates on the phish-blocking pilot will be posted on the IT web site:

The mems server,, is back online after replacing the RAID controller card.

If you experience trouble with this machine, please contact IT at x4357 or

The mems server,, will be shut down for emergency repair at 2:30 today. This is in response to yesterday afternoon's RAID controller failure.

We will update again once the controller card has been replaced.

Webprint, an old application used only once in the last year, will be retired tomorrow, August 3, 2010.

Updates will be posted on the IT web site:

The mems server is back online. There is a problem with the RAID controller which caused the system to go offline.

A service request has been opened with Dell for support.

If you experience trouble accessing this system, please contact the IT Help Desk at x4357 or, the linux file server is offline and unreachable. IT is investigating and will update this status once we know what is happening.