Blog from September, 2010

Services have been restored. IT is continuing to investigate to determine the cause.

IT is investigating a problem with the Central Mail system. Services may be affected.

The problem with authentication has been resolved. Please report any additional problems to the Help Desk 713 348 4357

Authentication Issue

IT is working on confirmed reports that authentication services to some systems are not working or are sluggish this morning. This could affect some email services, access to web based services such as Sakai, Subversion and others, but not desktop logon or access to storage.

There is a switch down in Hanszen College. IT (technical services) is investigating. An update will be sent when available. Please contact the Service Desk (xHELP/x4357) if you have any questions. - Danny Eaton

The PM scheduled for this morning on the wireless controllers is complete. Every controller has APs and users. IT:Networking will continue to monitor to ensure full operation is restored. If you are unable to connect, or have no wireless signal, please contact the IT:Service Desk at (xHELP, x4357).

A switch at the stadium rebooted due to power. Services have been restored. Please contact Dylan Jacob (x4216) if you have any questions.

A threatening message that appears to be distributed by the Webmaster indicates we will be shutting down your mailbox if you do not reply to the sender with your login and password information.

This is a phishing hoax.

At Rice, mailboxes are only shut down when you leave the university (graduate, take another job, etc.). Remember no one at Rice needs to know your password.

The power problem at BRC has been repaired and the telephone system is up and running.

BRC Telephone Service

The BRC Telephone systems is currently without power and therefore no operational telephone services are available. IT Telecom is working to resolve the issue we will be posting updates as information is available.

Owl-print off line

Owl-print went offline and IT is investigating. Some of the older computers in the Language Resource Center are affected. Updates will be posted to the IT web site.

The wireless controller that is the primary for the following buildings had a memory issue and rebooted. All APs failed over to a backup controller, then back to the primary after recovery. All wireless networking should be back to normal at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Danny Eaton (x5233, or the IT:Service Desk at xHELP (x4357).

Geology, Cox Mechanical Engineering, Space Science, Herman Brown, Dell Butcher, Mech Lab, Rice Village Apartments, Brown College Masters House, Sid Rich College, and Sid Rich College Masters House

One of the network devices in the first floor of Baker Hall rebooted. It has been up and stable for the past 15 minutes. If you continue to experience intermittent internet connectivity, please contact the IT:Service Desk at xHELP (x4357).

A network device on the third floor of Herman Brown rebooted due to a reported power issue. The device was down for approximately 5 minutes, and is operating normally at this time. If you continue to have network connectivity issues, please contact Danny Eaton (, x5233).

calypso.cs had an inconsistent filesystem. This filesystem has been repaired and brought online and the server is once again serving data.

Please report any trouble to the IT Help Desk at or x4357.

IT has detected trouble with the CS file server, Currently, some shared filesystems from calypso are offline or unavailable. This also affects stored mail folders (not inbox) for those who still keep mail local on CS. We are investigating, and will update as we know more.

There was a brown-out on campus, which caused some of the routers to reboot. You may experience an outage while this equipment reboots. If you continue to have intermittent, or no network connectivity, please call the IT:Help Desk at xHELP (x4357).