Blog from July, 2011

There is a planned electrical outage affecting South Colleges from 2pm to 6pm today, July 30. This outage affects network services in that area.

Rice's Central Authentication System (CAS), is scheduled for a 15-minute maintenance window on Friday morning, July 29. Between 7:30 and 7:45 AM, anyone logged into an application with their NetID will experience a temporary disruption in their connection.

Examples of sites or applications requiring your NetID to login include Owl-space (SAKAI), Webmail, WebCal, the Rice portal (,, Rice blogs and wikis,, etc.

Please contact the Help Desk if you cannot login to your usual web applications with your NetID after 7:45AM.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

The inter campus authentication service is back online. Please report any authentication problems to the Helpdesk. (xHELP)

Kenneth Marshall, PhD

Mgr./Middleware, Infrastructure & Development / 713-348-5294

IT has identified a problem with an authentication service used to provide inter campus authentication and validation. Local Rice authentication processes are unaffected.

Kenneth Marshall, PhD

Mgr./Middleware, Infrastructure & Development / 713-348-5294

IT will perform minor maintenance on Subversion (a system used in CS and other courses using version control) between 8AM and 9AM Tuesday morning, August 26, 2011.

For a short time during the maintenance window, customers will not be able to download files in Subversion.

Please contact the IT Help Desk ( or 4357) if you notice any irregularities in the system after 9AM.

The storage maintenance for tonight 7/24/11 is complete. All services have been restored and tested. Should you experience any problems, please call operations at 713 348 6989.

The storage maintenance window for Sunday 7/24/11 starting at 23:00 will begin in 15 minutes. An all clear will be sent when the work is complete.

The storage maintenance work for tonight has completed and all services have been restored and tested. Please report any problems to the Data Center Operations 713 348 6989.

The second of 3 storage maintenance processes for this weekend is starting. An all clear will be issued when the maintenance has completed.

The wireless maintenance has been completed. I have tested connectivity for both Rice Owls and Rice Visitor successfully. Please contact Operations and ask for the oncall network personnel should you have any issues. - Danny Eaton (, x5233)

The planned maintenance for the wireless controllers is beginning. Another message will be sent when work has been completed. - Danny Eaton (, x5233)

The maintenance scheduled for Friday Night / Saturday morning has completed. All services are responding and available. Contact Operations and ask for the on call staff should you have any problems.

The first of 3 storage maintenance processes for this weekend has begun. An all clear will be issued when the maintenance has completed.

IT is performing maintenance on Rice's wireless network Saturday morning between 6AM and 7AM.

During the maintenance window, wireless connectivity will experience brief, rolling outages.

Updates will be posted to the IT website:

The failed part has been replaced, and is reporting nominal. If you experience any further networking issues please contact the IT:Service Desk at xHELP (x4357) - Danny Eaton (, x5233)

IT has determined a network component in Herzstein Hall has failed. Technical services personnel is en route to affect a replacement. Once networking is restored, an all-clear message will be sent. - Danny Eaton (, x5233)

IT is performing maintenance on the storage system this weekend: 11PM to 12:30AM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Home directories, department shares, personal web sites, and department web sites will be locked into "Read-Only" status during the maintenance window on one or more of these nights.

Find out which night your storage space(s) will be affected by referring to the online lists:

If you notice any storage connection issues when you return on Monday morning, please contact the Help Desk at 713.348.HELP(4357) or at

IT will be working on the RicePrint server early Friday morning, July 22, from 6AM to 7AM.

RicePrint is primarily used when printing in classrooms and labs.

RicePrint will be offline and unavailable during the maintenance window.

Updates will be posted to the IT website:

Website Outage Resolved

Websites started to come back online shortly after the outage and all were successfully back up by 8:00pm. Details of the cause are known and safeguards put in place to prevent further disruptions.

At 5:05pm, some campus websites and systems became inaccessible. IT is investigating.

The network devices in Lovett College are back up and operational. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Lovett College just had several network devices go offline. Technical services personnel are en route to investigate. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

IT will begin maintenance work on hardware supporting Trend Micro Office Scan anti-virus software after 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 21.

If you are working on a Rice-owned computer during the late afternoon maintenance window, you may notice a red "X" on the Office Scan icon, but the software is in fact still working.

The maintenance window will last approximately one hour and then the red "X" will disappear.

Updates will be posted to the IT website:

The RUF's virtual hosts and filesystems have been re-pointed to new infrastructure.

The scheduled maintenance to re-point RUF virtual hosts and filesystems to new infrastructure has begun. RUF users should experience a brief inability to edit their files.

One of the distribution routers in Herzstein is currently offline. Service has been maintained using the backup router. Networking is investigating. Please contact the Helpdesk if you are experiencing problems.


The IT Sata share has encountered a permissions problem stemming from an event that appears to have occurred on Monday afternoon. The data is still there but access controls need to be corrected. Please notify SAI if you have a priority. We will be recovering the access state from a previous snapshot in the interim.

Network border maintenance is complete. Please contact the Helpdesk if you experience issues.

Dylan Jacob

The proxy server that failed on Sunday morning has been replaced and is being put into service this afternoon. In order to complete the installation, IT will reboot the secondary unit in Mudd Thursday morning at 6:00 AM. Connections to email, directory services and web services will disconnect briefly during the reboot and may need to be manually reconnected. This will complete repair work on the proxy service.

Authentication should be flowing more or less normally now. Please contact the help desk if you are still having problems.

As we are running with only one NetScaler network appliance, some authentication processes are slow or timing out. The process will complete, but you may need to retry occasionally.

One of the 2 main redundant proxy servers has failed. The backup unit has taken over all connections and IT has begun the process for replacing the failed unit. Should you have any problems, please try restarting your applications. If this does not work, please contact

We have resolved the issues related to the Will Rice College Master network service. Power has been restored to full service.

The previous message about Duncan Hall was posted in error.

We have resolved the issues related to the Will Rice College Master network service. Power has been restored to full service.

Web Proxy problem

IT has been notified that the web proxy service is experiencing a problem. This will affect Owlspace and many web based services, email client connections and access to directory services. Technicians are working on the problem now.

Today at approximately 3am, the network service in Will Rice College Master stopped working. IT is investigating the issue; updates will be posted to the IT web site: