Blog from December, 2011

A system that was identified as causing intermittent connectivity issues with services such as Email and OWL-Space is now being replaced. Updates will be posted to the IT web site.

Kenneth Marshall, PhD

Mgr./Middleware, Infrastructure & Development / 713-348-5294

OnBase, the campus document imaging and workflow system, has been returned to full service after the brief maintenance window scheduled for 8AM this morning.

There will be a brief OnBase outage Saturday, December 17, between 8:00 AM and 8:15 AM while we install patches on the system. OnBase is a campus document imaging system used by several departments. Updates will be posted to the IT web site.

Problem was misdiagnosed. No network issue was seen.

One of the network switch in Allen Center, 3rd floor is off line. Tech is en-route to investigate.

IT received reports of dropped connections and has identified the source of the problem for Webmail, Owl-Space and other NetID-required systems. The equipment has been re-started and the connection problems appear to be resolved. Report further incidents to the Help Desk: 713.348.4357.

The server equipment passing traffic to campus systems such as email, OwlSpace and the web has been repaired and access to these services from off campus networks such as cell phones, and home networks is once again available. Should you have any problems please contact the operations desk at 713 348 4989 after hours and 713 348 4357

Access to web based services (owlspace) and email through the Rice network and VPN have been resolved. Access to these services from off campus may take longer. IT will be monitoring to ensure that this issue completely resolves from off campus over night. An all clear will be issued at that time.

The proxy server that was failing has been shut down but the problems connecting to web mail and owlspace have resurfaced. IT technical staff are evaluating the problem at this time. An all clear will be issued when services are restored.

IT has been monitoring the equipment which led to connectivity problems for Owl-Space and email earlier today.

One of the Netscalers is starting to cause connectivity interruptions again, so IT will remove the troubled device from the system.

Other devices will pick up the slack and the retired Netscaler will be replaced at a less critical time than the end of the semester.

Regarding earlier reports of connectivity issues for Owl-Space and Webmail, IT discovered and resolved Netscaler issues. Owl-Space and Webmail have been returned to full service.

A number of customers have reported intermittent connectivity issues with both Webmail and Owl-Space. IT is investigating and updates will be posted to the web site: