Blog from February, 2013

Friday, March 1 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm: Storage maintenance may cause momentary service interruptions that might affect some web services including Uportal,, EMS page, and php, Drupal, and Python sites.

Exchange Logins

We had a temporary issue with Exchange logins. Support-dc5 testing blocked the Exchange accounts from logging into the service.

This has been resolved.

IT Networking completed maintenance on the Internet devices at 7am. All services should have been restored. Please contact IT Operations (x4989) if you are experiencing Internet connectivity issues.

IT Networking has begun maintenance on Internet related equipment. Connectivity to the Internet may be intermittent during this time.

This service was restored prior to 11:00 AM this morning. Thank you for your patience. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Affecting both wired and wireless. Tech Services en route. No ETA.

The planned network maintenance is complete. Thank you - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The planned maintenance on internal firewall for IPv6 capabilities is starting. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The software upgrade for the firewall providing intra-campus connectivity is complete. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The network firewall for internal communication is being upgraded to vendor recommended software. You may have intermittent connectivity for the next 30 minutes. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

IT will reboot the internal connectivity firewall early Saturday morning, February 16.

One of our network vendors has strongly recommended that we implement
a software upgrade in order to secure a possible vulnerability the
equipment that we use to exchange traffic between internal Rice networks.

To complete this update, Rice Networking will reboot Rice's internal firewall
at 5AM Saturday morning, February 16. Between 5:00 and 5:30 AM, you may notice
intermittent lapses in connectivity to Rice databases. No external
Internet traffic will be interrupted.

After this time, if you see any issues, please open a ticket via

Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

One of the circuits between Rice and our redundant Internet Service Providers is experiencing some issues, so we have disabled this link until the associated vendors complete their repairs. Once we verify their work, we will re-enable the connection. Because of the redundant architecture, this should have no impact on access between Rice and the Internet. Contact the IT Helpdesk at 713-348-HELP if you experience any related issues.

The wireless controller blade has been reset. All APs appear online and functional. Networking will monitor, and work with the vendor to determine a root cause. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The maintenance work on the wireless controllers is beginning. Users may experience intermittent wireless connectivity in the previously mentioned buildings during this time. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Networking has determined a failure in one of the wireless controllers, and must reset it. This will be done early tomorrow morning at 0600, so as to minimize impact to our user community. Users in Baker Hall, Keck Hall, Hertzstein Hall, IBC, Huff House, Rice Stadium, Cox Mechanical Lab, and Brown College will see a brief outage as the dual controller blade is reset. An update will be sent just prior to and just after the reset. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

IT is performing maintenance on one of six mail handlers Tuesday morning, February 12.

When this mail handler is taken offline for a refresh, email traffic will be managed by the other five mail handlers. No service interruptions are anticipated, other than a prompt to login again if your account is using that mail handler at 8:00 AM.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

The network switch in Cohen House rebooted at 11:35 AM. It is back up and appears to be working fine at this time. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

All of the wireless centralized controllers have been upgraded and are back up at this time. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Wireless Upgrade starting

The upgrade of the wireless controllers will be starting now. You will experience an intermittent outage during this process. Updates will be sent complete. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Network Upgrade completed

The network upgrade for the border equipment is complete. Thank you for your understanding and patience. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The planned upgrade of the border firewall has been completed. Moving on to the next components. Updates when complete. - Danny Eaton (

Network Upgrade starting

The planned network upgrade of the border software is starting. Updates will be sent as available. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

Zabbix Database Cleanup has completed. Zabbix monitoring is now online.

Zabbix Database Cleanup has started. Zabbix monitoring is now offline.


Following the network upgrade at 4AM Thursday morning, IT is upgrading the Cisco wireless access controllers at 6AM.

Expect intermittent wireless connection interruptions between 6AM and 7AM as the access controller for each area is upgraded.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

One of IT's network vendors strongly recommends an immediate software upgrade for security reasons. Installing the upgrade requires a full Internet outage for 15 minutes. Because this is a critical update, it will be implemented early tomorrow morning (Thursday, February 7) at 4:00 AM.

Regardless of whether you are on campus or off campus, you will not be able to access any web site, application or system through the Internet between 4:00 AM and 4:15 AM Thursday morning, February 7, 2013. If you have logged onto to a web site (email, OWL-Space, Banner, etc.), your connection will be dropped at 4:00 AM.

All Internet traffic to and from web sites will resume at 4:15 AM.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

IT is upgrading the Cisco wireless access controllers early Thursday morning,
February 7. Wireless connections across the campus will be intermittently interrupted between 6AM and 7AM as the access controller for each area is upgraded. Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

CAS Service is back up

Cas service is back up.

IT has received reports of login issues for OWL-Space. While we troubleshoot potential problems on CAS (the Central Authentication Service), please use the "non-Rice" login button for OWL-Space. Your NetID and password will get you in through this gateway.

Updates will be posted to the IT web site: is now up and running.

IT is looking into it

The department storage migrations work has been completed.

The planned migrations of DSS, Student Rec Center and Athletics has begun