Blog from March, 2014

IT Alert testing complete

The testing of the IT Alert system is complete.  Sorry about the spamming of IT Alert messages.  The normal process to deactivate the email side of things didn't work as it once did.

IT Alert testing starting

IT is conducting some testing on the IT Alert system due to reports that it is not working consistently.

Work on wsfile server will start at 6:00pm. Anticipated outage is one hour.

WSfile, a file servers supporting Rice web sites using ColdFusion or hosted in CMS400, will be replaced between 6PM and 7PM Thursday night, March 27.

Rice web sites will remain online and functional but may experience brief inconsistencies in display or interactive features.

Report any display or functionality issues after the maintenance ends at 7PM directly to Web Services:

Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

At this time we believe the issue with AT&T U-verse users connecting to Rice is resolved. There were only a few reports of this issue and it appears to have been a problem with the AT&T.

We have receiving reports from staff that they are having difficulty connecting to some Rice resources from home when they have AT&T U-verse for internet services. This does not appear to be affecting all AT&T U-verse customers. Networking is looking into the issue.

The network maintenance is complete. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The planned network maintenance for a network router will begin at 0600. Users should not experience any impact. - Danny Eaton (x5233,

The patches to Unified Admin are complete and tested. The remaining CMS400 sites adjusted to new Events database.

Unified Admin will have a patch applied.

Rice web sites which are managed through CMS400 may experience a blip during
a maintenance window on Friday afternoon between 5-6 PM. This maintenance will fix a recently identified issue with Unified Admin, which controls logins in Cold Fusion web sites. Updates will be posted to the IT web site:

Internet services has been returned to optimal performance. Network management is still investigating for root cause.

Slow Internet Access

Rice Networking is working to determine the root cause of some reports of slow access to Internet websites (and other Internet-based services). An update will be sent when we know more details.

One of our ISP links to the Internet briefly went down around 1:54pm CST for couple of minutes. No impact is seen due to the redundant architecture in place. The service provider have restored all services.

Database for Unified admin will be refreshed @ 6:30. The work will take about 2 min. This will impact logins to Events and some Apps. Events Calendar will remain up.

The events system maintenance has concluded.

The maintenance window for has been extended until 4 pm today to allow the team to track a few remaining issues. Any edits or changes made to events during the maintenance window may be lost and may need to be re-entered.