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Saturday, May 30, 2015: The migration to the CampusPress by EduBlogs environment is underway.  Web site content was frozen in read-only mode Thursday at 5:00 PM and the migration began Friday, May 29.

The migration will continue through the weekend.  Expect the next status update on Monday, June 1.

The new environment is a cloud solution with a robust WordPress platform including many popular themes, plug-ins, widgets and other features.  Details on the new features can be found in

What you can expect during the migration:

  • Content is still visible to your readers
  • Content is frozen in read-only mode (can't be edited during migration)
  • For emergency content updates, contact the Help Desk: or 713.348.4357.
  • The new platform will retain the previous domain names (ex: is still correct after the migration)
  • The old Rice blogs platform will be renamed and content archived “as is" (ex: is the archive copy)

Thank you for your patience as we prepare your content for its new home.