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Till June '07 this space is:

Readable By

  • IT Staff
  • IT Students
  • IT Affiliates - Library

Writable By Owl Land Planning Committee:

  • Chris Bronk
  • Tony Elam
  • Geneva Henry
  • Philip Montgomery
  • Jan Odegard
  • Niki Serakiotou
  • Lisa Spiro
  • Moshe Vardi
  • Joe Warren

Rice continues working in Second Life!

But the Rice island, called "Owl Land" has been decommissioned. There are many other resources (education-oriented and otherwise) available for projects in Second Life. Please check with either (toster Oh) or (Philip Plante) for more information.

  • If you would like to get started in Second Life, go to and sign up for a free account.
  • If you would like some help getting started, please come by the Help Desk in Mudd 103 or call xHELP. You may also contact Tom Oster ( or x6185) for assistance.
  • To be invited to the Rice Second Life Owl Land group, please send an email to (Philip Plante) or to (toster Oh) with the name of your avatar information.
  •  Help Desk Staff member Rick Roberts in Owl land's not too cool yet Help Desk Kiosk

Interesting references to the value of Second Life in Education and other issues.

EPN Report: Second Life: The Second Life of Virtual Reality, by David de Nood and Jelle Attema.
Books on Virtual reality.

Serakiotou, Niki G 2100
Oster, Tom 501
Lane, Dean 100

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