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if you need to run MATLAB on one of the clusters to develop your code and run short (30 minutes or less) tests of the code, please follow these instructions.

1.  Login to the Cluster

Login to the cluster using our published instructions

Windows Users will Need Xming

Windows users will need to use Xming in order to run the MATLAB GUI on the cluster and have it displayed on their desktop. 

2.  Load the MATLAB Environment

Load the MATLAB module with the following command:

Code Block
module load matlab/2011a

3.  Run MATLAB

To run MATLAB with our without the GUI as follows:


titleMulticore Jobs Not Supported

Multicore (parallel) jobs are not supported using this submission method.  If you need to submit a parallel job then please use PCT .

1. Build a MATLAB .m code file

Include all of the MATLAB commands that you need to execute in a MATLAB .m file, such as sample.m and place it somewhere in your home directory or subdirectory. The creation and contents of a .m file are beyond the scope of this document. Consult the MATLAB documentation for information on .m files.

2. Create a PBS batch script

You will need to execute Matlab from within a PBS batch script, such as sample.pbs as follows. In this example, this file is saved in the same directory as sample.m.


For more information about PBS job scripts, please see our FAQ.

3. Submit the Job

After you have created sample.m and sample.pbs, go to the directory where sample.pbs resides, load the MATLAB module (if you have not already done so) and submit the job to the job scheduler: