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titleMaximum and Minimum Number of Workers Per Submission

The maximum and minimum number of workers per job submission is constrained by the queue policy on each cluster, with one worker per processor core.  For example, Sugar will not accept more than 8 workers per submission.  For example, Sugar will not accept a compute job of more than 8 cores.  Therefore, your MATLAB job must be 8 workers or less.  Further, the number of workers must be n-1 where n is the number of cores you want to use.  If you want to run a single node (8 core) job, you will want to set sz to be 7.   MATLAB will run on one core and the workers will run on the other 7 cores, for a total of 8 cores.   Therefore you can run 7 workers on a single 8 core node.  Consult theUsing MATLAB 2011a on the Shared Research Computing Systems documentation for each cluster to see the queue policy for that system.