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Welcome to Docs

This wiki sandbox  is available for review for IT staff only.  Backup important content elsewhere.  Anonymous Access has been disabled until we go production

Getting Started 

Select the Dashboard link on the upper left corner of the page to see all of the neat spaces that have been created or you can click on this link go to Information Technology to start at the top.
Want to see how some other universities are using wikis? Check out this wiki examples page.

Wiki Committee

The wiki committee members represent various groups throughout IT.

  • Andrea Martin, Director for Enterprise Applications
  • Marc Scarborough, IT Security Officer
  • Dean Lane, Senior Systems Administrator, SAI
  • Shelby Sims, Manager for Data Center Operations
  • Niki Serakiotou, Help Desk Manager, ARC
  • Carlyn Chatfield, Manager for IT Technical Communications
  • Katy McKinin,  Senior Web Designer, EA Web Services
  • Ryan Moore, Senior Network Architect, NTDCO

Primary wiki testers include:

  • Bill Klemm, ARC
  • Michael Lightfoot, ARC
  • Marcus Elizondo, NTDCO

If your group is not represented, contact Carlyn Chatfield to add a staff member to the weekly committee meetings (Tuesdays, 3-4 pm)

Send your feedback to Niki Serakiotou:  Niki will collate feedback and review with the committee during the weekly meetings.application,, is a tool that allows multiple authors to update easily update content.  Unlike a true wiki, there are no pages that everyone is allowed to edit.  The two primary functions of this application are to provide a secure environment for documentation sharing between members of private groups, and to provide IT Tutorials to the Rice University community in a format that can be easily updated by any IT employee with current information on the tutorial subject matter.

IT Tutorials

Tutorials for the Rice community showing how-to instructions for various information technology (IT) tools and applications in use around the campus