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The Data Transfer Node (DTN) at Rice (Rice CRC Data Transfer Node) at Rice facilitates the movement of data into and out of the "/work" shared filesystem available for DAVinCI and NOTS. Scratch filesystem available for DAVinCI "/dascratch". 

DTN2 facilitates  (Rice CRC Data Transfer Node 2) facilitates the movement of data into and out of PowerOmics for "/poscratch".

Rice University CRC DTN HA facilitates the movement of data into and out of the "/scratch" and "/projects" shared filesystems available for NOTS. It also provides access to create a collection using your Rice Google Drive account as an endpoint which allows allowing you to transfer data between your Rice Google Drive account and other globus Globus endpoints.

The nodes provide massively parallel file transfers to facilitate moving large data sets efficiently. You will be able to move data between participating institutions available via Globus including between DTN, DTN2, DTN HA. Additionally, if you install and configure the Globus Connect software you will be able to transfer files using your local computer as an Endpoint.

Prerequisite for Using This System

You must have a cluster account.


You must read the relevant quick start guides on

Using Globus to transfer files

You will utilize the Endpoints named: rice#dtn for "/work", "/dascratch", rice#dtn2 for "poscratch".