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The default version of MATLAB is set at 2013a for the time being. Both STIC and Sugar are at Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and 2013a is the last supported version for RHEL5.

Our licensed toolboxes are as follows:

Code Block
$ module load matlabMATLAB/2015a
$ matlab -nodisplay

                                                      < M A T L A B (R) >
                                             Copyright 1984-20132015 The MathWorks, Inc.
                                               R2013a R2015a ( 64-bit (glnxa64)
                                                        February 1512, 20132015

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        Academic License

>> ver
MATLAB Version: (R2013aR2015a)
MATLAB License Number: 163411
Operating System: Linux 2.6.1832-308431.perfctrel6.el5x86_64 #1 SMP MonSun AprNov 210 1722:1819:54 CDTEST 20122013 x86_64
Java Version: Java 1.67.0_1260-b04b19 with SunOracle MicrosystemsCorporation Inc. Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
MATLAB                                                Version 8.15        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink                                              Version 8.15        (R2013aR2015a)
Aerospace Blockset                                    Version 3.1115       (R2013aR2015a)
Aerospace Toolbox                                     Version 2.1115       (R2013aR2015a)
BioinformaticsAntenna Toolbox                                       Version 41.30        (R2013a)
Bioinformatics Toolbox                                Version 4.5.1      (R2015a)
Communications System Toolbox                         Version 56.40        (R2013aR2015a)
Computer Vision System Toolbox                        Version 56.2        (R2013aR2015a)
Control System Toolbox                                Version 9.59        (R2013aR2015a)
Curve Fitting Toolbox                                 Version 3.35.1      (R2013aR2015a)
DSP System Toolbox                                    Version 89.40        (R2013aR2015a)
Database Toolbox                                      Version 45.2.1        (R2013aR2015a)
Datafeed Toolbox                                      Version 45.51        (R2013aR2015a)
Econometrics Toolbox                                  Version 3.2.3        (R2013aR2015a)
Embedded Coder                                        Version 6.48        (R2013aR2015a)
Financial Instruments Toolbox                         Version 12.1        (R2013aR2015a)
Financial Toolbox                                     Version 5.15        (R2013aR2015a)
Fixed-Point Designer                                  Version 45.0        (R2013aR2015a)
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox                                   Version 2.2.1721     (R2013aR2015a)
Global Optimization Toolbox                           Version 3.23.31      (R2013aR2015a)
HDL Verifier                                          Version 4.26        (R2013aR2015a)
Image Acquisition Toolbox                             Version 4.59        (R2013aR2015a)
Image Processing Toolbox                              Version 89.2        (R2013aR2015a)
Instrument Control Toolbox                            Version 3.37        (R2013aR2015a)
MATLABLTE CoderSystem Toolbox                                         Version 2.40        (R2013aR2015a)
MATLAB CompilerCoder                                          Version        (R2015a)
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server                   Version 6.6        (R2013aR2015a)
MATLAB Report Generator                               Version 34.141        (R2013aR2015a)
Mapping Toolbox                                       Version 34.71        (R2013aR2015a)
Model Predictive Control Toolbox                      Version      (R2013aR2015a)
Neural Network Toolbox                                Version 8.0.13        (R2013aR2015a)
Optimization Toolbox                                  Version 67.32        (R2013aR2015a)
Parallel Computing Toolbox                            Version 6.26        (R2013aR2015a)
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox                 Version 12.20        (R2013aR2015a)
Phased Array System Toolbox                           Version 23.0        (R2013a)
Polyspace Bug Finder                                  Version 1.3        (R2015a)
Polyspace Code Prover                                 Version 9.3        (R2015a)
RF Toolbox                                            Version 2.1216       (R2013a)
Robotics System Toolbox                               Version 1.0        (R2015a)
Robust Control Toolbox                                Version 45.3        (R2013aR2015a)
Signal Processing Toolbox                             Version 67.190        (R2013aR2015a)
SimBiology                                            Version 45.32        (R2013aR2015a)
SimDriveline                                          Version 2.48        (R2013aR2015a)
SimElectronics                                        Version 2.37        (R2013aR2015a)
SimEvents                                             Version 4.34        (R2013aR2015a)
SimHydraulics                                         Version 1.1216       (R2013aR2015a)
SimMechanics                                          Version 4.26        (R2013aR2015a)
SimPowerSystems                                       Version 56.83        (R2013aR2015a)
SimRF                                                 Version 4.04        (R2013aR2015a)
Simscape                                              Version 3.913        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink 3D Animation                                 Version 67.3        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink Code Inspector                               Version 12.3        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink Coder                                        Version 8.48        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink Control Design                               Version 34.72        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink Design Optimization                          Version 2.37        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink Report Generator                             Version 34.141        (R2013aR2015a)
Simulink VerificationTest and Validation                                       Version 31.50        (R2013aR2015a)
StateflowSimulink Verification and Validation                  Version 3.9        (R2015a)
Stateflow              Version 8.1        (R2013a) Statistics Toolbox                    Version 8.5        (R2015a)
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox               Version 810.20        (R2013aR2015a)
Symbolic Math Toolbox                                 Version 56.102        (R2013aR2015a)
System Identification Toolbox                         Version 89.2        (R2013aR2015a)
SystemTest                                            Version 2.6.59      (R2013a)
Vision HDL Toolbox                                    Version 1.0        (R2015a)
Wavelet Toolbox                                       Version 4.1114.1       (R2013aR2015a)