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SSH Gateway - for Secure access to Rice campus servers and Secure file transfers (SCP or SFTP )

Table of Contents

The SSH-Gateway is a service that:

  1. Allows ssh connections from off campus to on campus servers without the need for VPN.
  2. This service also allows SCP/SFTP connections to your home directory on, for File Transfers.
  3. Can also be used for SCP/SFTP connections to personal or Organizational web pages on (old, deprecated )

This is a mechanism for allowing secure connections into machines on the Rice campus without the security risk of opening up SSH to the world.  SSH has become the most prevalent pathway for security breaches from off campus.  The gateway will limit the number of SSH connections from a specific host in order to minimize security risks.  This means that you will not be able to open up a large number of connections from a single source.


titleSecure File Transfers for RUF

These same examples can be used to update web pages on the RUF system, which hosts web sites
for Staff, Faculty, or Organizational accounts. Once logged into the SSH Gateway, just enter the hostname
of to connect to the old, legacy,  RUF system.