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About IT Public

This website gathers together informational documents that explain basic usage of various

IT Web Services

OIT web applications and services.

Getting Started

The technology underlying this site is a wiki; we chose it because it has a robust built-in search function and is easy for multiple people to update. Type in one or more words of the topic you are looking for in the search box as the right hand side of the top header to quickly locate relevant information.

This site also allows you to make comments on the information you find (or don't find!) here. The Comment box is located at the bottom left of the page, following all the content. If you spot an error or omission, or just have an idea for related information you would like to see on the site, just let us know!

In addition to documentation that is available to the public regarding IT-managed applications, but is not considered how-to information (check out IT Tutorials for "how-to" instructions), the IT Public Space tracks non-critical maintenance windows and system or application updates through a News channel.



Contact the Computing HELP Desk

You may also want to check the list of vendor websites for additional information on specific software packages.