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A remote network is any network other than Rice's wired network or the secure, encrypted Rice Owls wireless. We often call connecting from remote networks "Mobile Computing" or "Roaming".  See Also: Before You go on a Trip

STEP 1: Make a Connection

Make a connection to the internet using one of these methods:

  • Use a wired or wireless connection to your own or someone else's network outside of Rice
  • Use a data card for your laptop. This card works like a wireless modem that allows you to connect to the network through a wireless phone line. You will need a device (a card or USB device for your laptop) and a data plan with a wireless phone service.
  • "Rice Visitor" is considered a "remote" network. Read "Overview of the Rice Network" to understand why. Use the steps below when you are connected to it.

STEP 2: Tell Rice it can trust your computer even though it is connected to a remote network: Use VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network because it makes your computer appear as if it was connected to Rice's private network.

Troubleshooting VPN

Check this link if you get errors of the type "Network problems".

Step 3: To connect to the Rice resources you need, step by step:




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