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The Dropbox service (tentatively scheduled for renaming as Rice Dropoff in 2015) is a file exchange website where you can upload very large files and specify recipients for them. An email is then sent to your recipients with the link and directions of how to download the large file you would like to send them. On the front page of the Dropbox service (see below), you'll see the link "About the DropBox" -- you'll find a wealth of information about Dropbox there, its capabilities and limitations are nicely outlined. Note: the maximum size for individual files 1.0 GB per file.  For a batch of files uploaded at once, the max size is 2.0 GB total for the entire drop-off.

1. To send files to people who have Rice NetIDs

The recipients will have to use their Netid and password to retrieve the files. See section 3 on how to send to recipients who do not have a NetID and password.

  • Go to and click right on the word Drop-off.

  • In the next window, please notice the following features:
    • Type or paste in one address for Recipient 1.
    • The plus sign that lets you add more individual recipients (see the green circle in the screenshot below)..
    • Although there is no place to paste in a string of addresses, you can upload a file containing a list of addresses.. The file will need to contain full addresses, such as,,... in separate lines or separated with commas.
    • Before you upload your file of addresses, type in at least one recipient listed as Recipient 1 (see the red circle), otherwise you will get an error! 

  • Click the Drop-off File(s) button and you will see the confirmation of your upload.

  • Your recipients will also receive an email notifying them about the files you dropped off for them, like the one below. Your recipients will have to use their Netid and password to go the Dropbox website to claim the files you sent them.

  • Click on Return to the Dropbox Service Main Menu button.

  • This time choose to login.

  • You will now have an expanded menu that lets you see what files you have uploaded for others to pick, or what others have uploaded for you to pick up.

  • If you click on the links in the Claim ID column you will see a window similar to your confirmation window. The files that you are sending or receiving will be listed under the filename column. If you click on the link you will be able to download them again.

2. How to retrieve files sent with Dropbox if you have a Rice Netid

  • When you receive a notification that a file was dropped-off for you, you will be directed back to and you must Login to claim your file.
  • Click on Drop-offs for Me and in the next window click on the Claim ID link. You will then see the details of the drop-off and you can clik on the filename(s) to download the file(s) that are there for you.

3. To send files to recipients who do not have a Rice Netid

  • Go to and Login. Then choose Drop-off. In the next window you will see that your personal information (according to Rice's LDAP) is already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the recepient information. Please see section 1 above on the details of how to fill in the recipients individually or from a comma separated list in a text file.

    4. How to receive files sent with Dropbox if you do not have a Rice Netid

  • You will receive an email notification with a link to follow. 
  • You will then be asked for your Claim ID and Passcode:

  • These can be found in the email you have received:

    5. Notification of receipt

The Dropbox service will notify you when your recepients pick-up the files you have dropped-off for them.

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