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There are several ways in which to submit Matlab jobs to a cluster.  This document will cover the various ways to run Matlab compute jobs on the Shared Research Compute clusters, which will include using the , Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT) and the Matlab Distributed Compute Engine (MDCE) to submit many independent tasks and to submit a single task that has parallel components.


Task Parallel - Multiple independent iterations within your workflow.

Data Parallel - Single program working on a problem across multiple processors.

MDCE - Matlab Distributed Compute Engine.  This is a component of Matlab that allows our clusters to run Matlab jobs that exceed the size of a single compute node (multinode parallel jobs).  it also allows jobs to run even if there are not enough toolbox licenses available for a particular toolbox, so long as the university owns at least one license for the particular toolbox. 


Running with PBS qsub

Good for jobs that are single processor jobs and do not encounter any toolbox license issues.

Using MDCE for Task Parallel and Data Parallel Jobs

Using MDCE will allow you to submit multiple jobs with a single job submission (Task Parallel) or submit a single task that is a multiprocessor (and possibly multinode) job.  In order to run this type of job you must first configure Matlab for this type of job submission by following these steps;

One-time Setup

These steps need to be performed only once.  Subsequent runs of Matlab need not repeat these steps.

Configuring Matlab

1.   In your home directory create the MdcsDataLocation/sugar subdirectory.

2.  Load the Matlab 2011a environment:

3.  Run Matlab on the login node:

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