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Using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP

If you are familiar with using CLE@R, then using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP will feel very familiar. To manipulate files, SSH into with the command

SSH Command

To upload and download files from, use the following SFTP command

SFTP Commands
Begin an SSH session
  • Enter the SSH command shown above. Entering this command will show a confirmation for the server's fingerprint. Type "yes" * to continue.

  • Next enter your password. (Note: it will appear as if nothing is happening as you type your password, this is normal.)

  • Once you are into the system, you will be at your home directory, where you can manipulate files and folders.

  • To exit, type "exit" * and press enter.

Using SFTP to Upload and Download Files/Folders
  • Open another terminal or Linux shell and change directories to your local directory.

  • Use the SFTP command listed above to gain access to, then type in your password

  • Now you can use the PUT and GET commands to upload and download files/folders to respectively. In this example, I uploaded a generic text file called "test_file" and I downloaded the current contents of my public_html folder to my local directory. To exit the session, once again, type "exit" *.