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This is an update to the original message I sent this afternoon...

Original Message

Good afternoon Rice Colleagues,

There is an email scam pretending to be from various Rice University addresses with a "to" address of

The Subject contains a Rice affiliated name and "has shared a document on Google Docs with you"

Do not respond or take action on this malicious message other than deleting the message. This message attempts to trick you into following a link to a Google document but, in reality, it is malicious Google app.
If you suspect that you have received one of these messages and need assistance in disposing of the message or if you accidentally opened the attachment or web link, contact the Help Desk: or 713.348.4357.

If anyone has already followed one of these links and signed in with your Google credentials, please change your Google password and make sure you remove the fake "Google Docs" app from your account. To remove the fake app, perform the following steps:
1. visit
2. select "Manage Apps," 
3. click on any entries called "Google Docs" (the actual Google Docs won't require access in this way), and click the Remove button.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk if you need additional assistance at or 713.348.4357.

Mike Dewey
Director – Campus Services