File a Request with the Center for Research Computing for class access to a cluster.

This form is for faculty and instructors to request class access to the shared research computing resources managed by the Center for Research Computing. For all other help issues regarding these services, please see our Getting Help form

This form is for faculty and instructors only to request access to a cluster for their class. Students should not fill out this form.


Please log in to confluence (link on the top right of the page) before filling out this form.

For best service please request access prior to the beginning of the semester.


Email address for all ticket correspondence. Use your for best results

Name of class being requested, e.g. COMP101

Please include all this information in your request:

  • List of systems involved in the class (NOTS, PO, BlueBioU, DAVinCI, Other):
  • Node Reservation Needed (Yes/No)?
    • If yes, how many nodes?:
    • Day and Time of reservation (specific day/time or standing reservation)
  • List names of TAs or Comments or Special Requests


Without a reservation any jobs submitted will still compete with all other jobs on the system for CPU resources regardless of the wall-time value.




At the conclusion of the course please send a brief summary of usage including the number of students and a statement of impact regarding access to the shared computing resource for your class to Dr. Jan Odegard, Executive Director, K2I ( Submission of a request for a class account constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

Your request has been submitted. Thank you.