Depending on your level of familiarity with the Shared Research Computing Clusters, you may prefer to submit your MATLAB jobs in one of several different ways.

 Easy: Run from your desktop's MATLAB environment

This is the best way to get started with minimal learning curve with respect to the cluster environment.

  1. Apply for and be approved for a cluster account (choose SUGAR, STIC, and DAVinCI for your clusters)
  2. Coming soon...


Task Parallel Application - The same application that runs independently on several nodes, possibly with different input parameters.  There is no communication, shared data, or synchronization points between the nodes.

Data Parallel Application - The same application that runs on several labs simultaneously, with communication, shared data, or synchronization points between the labs.

Lab - A MATLAB worker in a multicore (Data Parallel) job.  One lab is assigned to one worker (core).  Thus, a job with eight labs has eight processor cores allocated to it and will have eight workers each working together as peers.

MDCS - MATLAB Distributed Compute Server.  This is a component of MATLAB that allows our clusters to run MATLAB jobs that exceed the size of a single compute node (multinode parallel jobs).  It also allows jobs to run even if there are not enough toolbox licenses available for a particular toolbox, so long as the university owns at least one license for the particular toolbox. 

PCT - Parallel Computing Toolbox.

MATLAB Task - One segment of a job to be evaluated by a worker.

MATLAB Job - The complete large-scale operation to perform in MATLAB, composed of a set of tasks.

MATLAB Worker - The MATLAB session that performs the task computations.  If a job needs eight processor cores, then it must have eight workers.

Job - Job submitted via the PBS job scheduler (also called PBS Job).