PowerOmics (PO) is Rice's IBM POWER8 compute cluster. The system contains 6 IBM S822L compute nodes. Each node has two twelve-core IBM POWER8 processors running at 3.02 GHz. Each core is capable of running eight threads resulting in 192 threads per node with a cluster-wide total of 1152 threads and 144 cores. Two nodes have 1TB of RAM with the remaining having 256GB of RAM. One node has two NVIDIA Tesla K80 cards.

All nodes are available to all users (subject to change due to special projects, maintenance tasks, etc.)

All nodes use both 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Infiniband interconnects.

Prerequisite for Using This System

Logging Into the Cluster

Data and Quotas


Environment and Shells

Customizing Your Environment With the Module Command

The Job Scheduler



Submitting Jobs with SLURM

Compiling and Optimizing

Getting Help

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