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Setting Up Dreamweaver for the First Time
  • First, after opening Dreamweaver, click Sites > New Site (in the toolbar).

  • Next, name the site and write the path for your local directory.

  • Click the Servers tab on the left, and enter the following information: Server Name: "" *; Connect Using: "SFTP" *; SFTP Address: "" *; port: 22; username: your username; password: your password; Root Directory: leave it blank, Dreamweaver will automatically go to the home directory of your account; Web URL; leave the default in the field. Next click save.

  • Successful Connection will take you to a screen which looks like the following.

  • To upload and download files/folders from the server, click Sites > Put/Get on the toolbar.

  • To exit the session, click the Disconnect from Remote Server button.