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Namespace Description

MACE has delegated the operation of the namespace to Information Technology at Rice University. This namespace supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to Rice-specific resources that may be used for authorization by Shibboleth and LDAP.

Questions regarding registrations under, including requests for new registrations, should be made via

For further information, see:

Registrations UseRegistered ByRegistration date
canvasAccess to cloud Canvas platformdlane2015-05-11
crashplanAccess to cloud backup servicepengle2014-07-23
duoAccess to Duo 2FA servicepengle2015-10-12
nameid-format:Root of a sub-arc for custom SAML NameIDFormat strings (for broken SPs)pengle2015-09-11
nameid-format:riceIDSAML NameIDFormat containing a Rice ID numberpengle2015-09-11
philoAccess to streaming cable TV servicepengle2015-04-07
qualtricsAccess to the Qualtrics survey softwarepengle2017-11-13
vpnAccess to VPN servicespengle2015-06-18
authn:passwordAllowed to use username/password authentication (Used by Shibboleth)pengle2018-03-05
authn:duoAllowed to use Duo authentication (used by Shibboleth)pengle2018-03-05
authn:ssoAllowed to use Shibboleth SSOpengle2019-02-15
authn:incommonAllowed to authenticate to InCommon service providers (Used by Shibboleth)pengle2019-02-15
authn:impersonateAllowed to impersonate other users via SSOpengle2019-02-15
adriceAccess to ADRICE Active Directory domainpengle2019-03-14
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